The Dili by Bike Tour will be held on the 5th September 2010, it will involve a distance of about 30 Km.

The Subagrupamento Bravo of the GNR is in charge of organising this event. You can send your intention to participate on the event by submiting your details via email to: Further updates will be available very soon.

We wait for your support.

Fo hatene katak “ Dilibybike” (Passiar Dili Laran ho Bicikleta) sei halao iha loron 5 Setembru 2010 iha cidade Dili, ho distancia 30 kilometrus.

Oganizasaun organizadora ba eventu ida ne’e maka Subagrupamento Bravo GNR nian. Ba ema sira ne’ebe hakarak tau naran atu participa iha tour bicikleta ida ne’e bele haruka ita nia informasaun liu hussi email Iha tempo badak ami sei fo sai informasaun diak liu tan kona ba ida ne’e.

Ami hein ita bo’ot sira mai participa ho ami.

" O passeio de BTT "Dilibybike" irá realizar-se no dia 5 de Setembro de 2010 em Dili, com um percurso de 30 km.

A organização deste evento está a cargo do Subagrupamento Bravo da GNR. Estão abertas as inscrições, podendo ser enviadas para o mail Em breve teremos mais informações.

Contamos convosco! Até lá! "

domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

Recommendations for exercise

Before starting the physical activity you need to do a medical evaluation, including tests such as electrocardiogram and blood test. A special attention to diabetics and hypertensives that must take a lot of care.

The choice of exercise is crucial to the practice persists throughout the all year. A person should examine the lifestyle and assess if has more aptitude for aerobics, weight training or whether it is better to start with a walk. The exercise should be a moment of leisure.

The ingestion of liquids, isotonic and water should be prioritized before, during and after physical activity. With the high temperature, the body loses more water and minerals - including sodium - which raises the risk of dizziness and malaise. Never include in that list alcoholic beverages or that contain caffeine, as these substances are diuretics and accelerate the process of loss of liquids.

Before a competition, it is important to form an energy reserve: three or four days before it is useful to a rich diet in carbohydrates. To do this, just eat a little bit more of rice, pasta and bread than usually. During the struggle: when the activity allows, should consume simple sugars. The energy of these is readily available, reducing or delaying fatigue. The ideal is to drink water with sugar. Besides providing energy, hydrates the body. After exercise: carbohydrates allow a rapid recovery in the levels of glycogen (a sugar). So, after an intense effort, its better to eat a sandwich or half dozen cookies, so your body stays in shape again.

Tissues that facilitate the drying of sweat and clothes that do not tighten are more appropriate.

The outdoor exercise shouldn’t be made at any time. The most suitable hours are the early morning and the late afternoon.

A good sunscreen with an SPF 30 is one of the key ally of physical activity.

The sensation of breathlessness common with exercise in the summer can be avoided if the practitioner breathes properly. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. When the stress is high, the trend is also to inspire through the mouth. When this occurs, the ideal is to slow down and breathe deeply, to return to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Stretching is crucial and makes exercise safer and more efficient, by reducing the risk of injuries and cramps. If you suffer an injury, do not resume sports until you are recovered.

The practice of physical exercise should be regular and last for at least 30 minutes. Physical exercises should be performed on a regular basis, three times per week, between sessions 24-48 hours. For people over 60 years the best exercise, in the prevention of osteoporosis, is the walk, which should be performed for about 40 minutes, preceded by heating and concluded with a muscle stretching.

The physical activity should be seen as a moment of leisure, beware of the mind and body. The risk of injuries that result from mistakes and distraction is huge.

Drª Andrea

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