The Dili by Bike Tour will be held on the 5th September 2010, it will involve a distance of about 30 Km.

The Subagrupamento Bravo of the GNR is in charge of organising this event. You can send your intention to participate on the event by submiting your details via email to: Further updates will be available very soon.

We wait for your support.

Fo hatene katak “ Dilibybike” (Passiar Dili Laran ho Bicikleta) sei halao iha loron 5 Setembru 2010 iha cidade Dili, ho distancia 30 kilometrus.

Oganizasaun organizadora ba eventu ida ne’e maka Subagrupamento Bravo GNR nian. Ba ema sira ne’ebe hakarak tau naran atu participa iha tour bicikleta ida ne’e bele haruka ita nia informasaun liu hussi email Iha tempo badak ami sei fo sai informasaun diak liu tan kona ba ida ne’e.

Ami hein ita bo’ot sira mai participa ho ami.

" O passeio de BTT "Dilibybike" irá realizar-se no dia 5 de Setembro de 2010 em Dili, com um percurso de 30 km.

A organização deste evento está a cargo do Subagrupamento Bravo da GNR. Estão abertas as inscrições, podendo ser enviadas para o mail Em breve teremos mais informações.

Contamos convosco! Até lá! "

sábado, 1 de maio de 2010

Cyclists – Circular on Security

Cycling is an absolute pleasure, besides the health benefits, is a non-polluting mean of transport. Enforcing such pretext, haul 10 tips related to the Safe Movement of Cyclists:
1. Always use: safety helmet, safety glasses (not only protect from sunlight as well as insects and dust) and gloves;
2. Don’t circulate in the opposite direction or under the sidewalks;
3. Avoid travel on roads with high traffic flow;
4. Cyclists have the right to use the whole lane. Should circulate in the center of the road, imposing the consequent respect. To move very close to the curb or walk there is the risk of overruns occur without complying with the minimum safety distance. A motorist to see a bike to fill the whole road forced him to slow down and wait for the most opportune time to make the overtaking safely. Instead, a cyclist near the edge arouses the temptation to overtake unreasonable;
5. At the traffic lights, to stop, should occupy the center of the lane, thereby avoiding exposure vulnerable in terms of security.
6. Never use headphones to listen to music because it affects the hearing abilities, which are very important to move in cities;
7. Find riding in the daytime hours when the sun is less intense, for example in the early morning or late afternoon;
8. Respecting nature along the paths don’t throw garbage on the floor, collect it and store it in a backpack;
9. Carry a thermos of water or sports drink to replenish body salts; 10. Wear light or colored clothes what facilitates greater visibility and prevents heat absorption in the body.

Marco Santos
Capitão da GNR

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